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Tom Daldin-

Now if you take an old building and add a new menu and a cool couple to it, what do you get … well in Harbor Springs … you get The Paper Station Bistro.

This cool and comfortable finer dinner is a relatively new place in town where the locals love to linger. Why … well, I think it has something to do with the great food and atmosphere Mike Naturkas and his wife Tawna have created. From burgers that’ll break your heart to entrees that’ll totally entice you … the food and drink here is what I’m talkin about. And when I’m done talking bout it … I’m eatin it!!!

Another really cool thing about the café is that while you dine you’re surrounded by some pretty cool Motor City Memories. From Iggy Pop and Jimi Hoffa to an original Detroit Zoo Key and even awesome Olympia Arena, it’s a flashback from Detroit’s past.

On UTR we always look the places the locals love … and if you think “Love” is to strong a word … just try one of the burgers at The Paper Station Bistro. You just might ask it to marry you. Oh, and if you buy me one … I’ll be your best man. Mmmmmmmm burger !!!

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Paper Station FAQ

What kind of food do you have?

Real Good Food

Do you take reservations?


Do you have gift certificates?


Chef is...

Chef Tyler

Executive Chef

Mark Ray

Who owns Paper Station Bistro?

Mike & Tawna Naturkas 

Is there a dress code?

Dress comfortable


Is there ever a wait?

There can be during the busy season.

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