Another Mike & Tawna Naturkas Wine Party

with Bill Miller and Chef Jeremy

Its FRENCH! January 23rd


1st: “Escargot en croute”-snails baked in puff pastry with white wine, butter, parsley, leeks

2nd: “Onion consommé”- caramelized onion, clarified broth, vermouth, gruyere crouton 

3rd: “Bistro Salad”-Bibb lettuce, poached egg, lardons, roquefort, pickled apple, bacon vinaigrette 

4th: “Boeuf Roulade au Aligot”- rolled flank steak with arugula pistou and cheesy whipped potatoes

5th: “Clafoutis”-Cherry embedded flan with almond chantilly cream

Please reserve below